Inside the Artist’s Studio: Nada Elian

Nada Elian

Nada Elian is a fabulously gifted artist whose work is not only gorgeous, but incredibly diverse as well. Her art caught our eye and inspired us to get in touch with her to work on the Banat El Ayam Di book. We sit down and speak to her to learn more about her art and journey.

Nada knew art was her calling from a young age.
Digital Painting of a Girl and a Bluebird by Nada Elian
Digital Painting by Nada Elian

Her favorite class in school was always art class, and that love grew with her. “I found myself looking to develop my drawing either by research or by following different techniques. My higher education helped enrich and better my abilities,” she explains.

Nada’s work does not only include illustrations but also collages; this diversity caught our attention.
Collage by Nada Elian
Collage by Nada Elian

“I like dabbling in all forms of art, and discovering new ways to express myself,” Nada continues,

“every art form is distinctive and serves a unique purpose, but they are all equally favorite to me.”

This diversity in style developed in Nada.

She could never settle on one way to do things. “I constantly search, learn, and ask for help if needed. Also, I’m passionate about learning and practicing what I’ve learned.” This approach really explains the wide variety in Nada’s work.

For those who want to venture into art, but do not know where to begin, artist Nada Elian has advice.

Nada believes that anyone can draw; she sees drawing as a means of expressing one’s feelings and state and goes on to express that it does not always have to be pretty. “Search more, learn more, practice your heart out and eventually you’ll reach your goal. Anything is doable if you’re passionate enough,” Nada Elian insists.

For Nada, choosing the subject of her paintings depends on her mood and what she wants to convey through her drawings.

“For example, when I work on pieces regarding sexual harassment, I channel my anger and frustration to communicate the meaning I want to deliver,” Nada tells.

Digital Painting of Girl with Devil Horns by Nada Elian
Digital Painting by Nada Elian


Collage of a Girl with a Cat by Nada Elian
Collage by Nada Elian

We cannot wait to see more of artist Nada’s amazing work.

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