Inside the Artist’s Studio: Manar Magdy

Artist Manar Magdy

With her magical, whimsical illustrations, fun and bright portraits and downright quirky patterns, Manar Magdy has a unique and extremely trendy style. Her art just screams young, fresh and vibrant. We speak to the fabulous young artist to learn more about her work.

Manar Magdy’s work includes plenty of portraits.

We wanted to know more about what draws her to the art of portrait. “In my opinion, portraits reflect the actual human feelings: sadness, happiness, anger, rage, hope and love,” she explains.

Manar Magdy Self Portrait
Manar Magdy Self Portrait

Manar Magdy’s love for art has grown since she was in college.

“I had an interest in developing my art. After graduation I practiced a lot. I would spend almost 12 hours a day drawing on my tablet,” Manar says. This tenacity and her ability to practice a lot must have greatly benefited her,

“Talent is very important because it is the seed upon which I can build my own piece of art, but talent is nothing if not supported by practice,” she tells.

A Dream: Painting by Manar Magdy

When it comes to style, and developing one’s style as an artist, Manar Magdy believes there is a way to do that. “An artist can discover their unique style by observing their favorite artists’ styles, and studying many different schools of art. Eventually, they will find their own style,” Manar explains.


Being a professional artist, and actually making a living out of art is not an easy thing. Yet, it has been made slightly easier thanks to Social Media.

“If someone wants to be a freelance artist, they have to create their own page and post their artworks on it, to make it easy for clients to reach them,” she tells.

Manar Magdy’s hip, cool and trendy work speaks for itself, and she has great plans for it. She wishes to one day establish a brand using her brilliant illustrations, where her illustrations would be printed on various products and be made available for a wide range of customers. We can’t wait to see this dream becoming a reality!


Fishy: Painting by Manar Magdy

You can find Manar’s work on her Instagram page @_manarmagdy

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