Inside the Artist’s Studio: Mariam El Reweny

Mariam El Reweny Self-Portrait
The work of artist Mariam El Reweny captured our hearts with its highly detailed and emotive style.

Her art captures emotion beautifully and creates a unique mood. Moreover, when we saw the brilliant talent in her art, she became part of the Banat El Ayam Di project, joining the band of gifted illustrators who worked on the book. We sit down and speak to her all about art.

The artist discovered her love for art from an extremely young age.

“I drew and painted for as long as I can remember, it was my favorite thing to do as a kid,” Mariam tells. This explains her impressive technique, all those years of practice definitely paid off.

Artwork by Mariam El Reweny
Artwork by Mariam El Reweny

Mariam is particularly gifted when it comes to digital illustration. Her style is vibrant, intricate and so uniquely hers. We wanted to get her advice for those interested in starting to paint digitally.

“Be patient, practice every day, and you will see progress,” she stresses. Constant practice is essential!

Furthermore, artist Mariam El Reweny has done some fabulous work with Google.

Mariam was the artist who illustrated the brilliant Bahiga Hafez Google doodle. Being part of such an important piece of work which aims to draw attention and raise awareness about such an iconic Egyptian woman must have been very special. “It was fun! Furthermore, it felt really honored to be asked to do her portrait, she was truly inspiring,” Mariam El Reweny elaborates.

Artwork by Mariam El Reweny
Artwork by Mariam El Reweny
As mentioned above, artist Mariam El Reweny was part of the incredibly talented team which worked on illustrating the beautiful characters of the upcoming book Banat El Ayam Di.

Mariam was happy to be contacted for a project of this kind, and was on board right away.

“I was glad to be picked for such a project. It was also inspiring to read about all these women,” Mariam concludes.

We’ve seen and loved so much of artist Mariam El Reweny’s work. Moreover, it inspired us to no end. We expect brilliant things from her and cannot wait to see more of her brilliant art.

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