Inside the Artist’s Studio: Dina Zaitoun

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Dina Zaitoun is an artist whose work is not only beautiful, but it also sends a strong message. Each piece is expressive and powerful in its own way. We noticed her work and could not stop following it ever since. We speak to this fabulously vocal artist to learn more about her great work.

Artwork by Dina Zaitoun
Artwork by Dina Zaitoun

Strong, impactful art sends powerful, clear messages, and this is what artist Dina Zaitoun’s art does. “I believe every person has a purpose, so I decided to utilize my art in sending important messages which need some light shed on them,” Dina tells. She also noticed a need for such illustrations in Arabic,

“I saw a lack in Arabic illustrations discussing mental health, wellbeing, feminism and women empowerment, this is why I am using the Arabic language to address issues close to my heart,” Dina Zaitoun explains.

Although Dina’s higher studies did not involve art, she is an artist by nature. “Since I was a kid, my favorite subject at school was art. After graduating college, I resumed practicing and developing my skills, especially digitally,” Dina Zaitoun elaborates. This kind of tenacity is extremely important when training in an artistic capacity.

“Discipline is key when it comes to growing and progressing, cliché but true,” Dina tells.

Since Dina’s art sends a strong message, we wanted to know how she believes art can raise awareness on such an issue as sexual harassment.


Artwork by Dina Zaitoun
Artwork by Dina Zaitoun

“Art grabs attention. It inspires and makes people question concepts.”

Dina continues, “an anti-harassment campaign all over the country, on billboards, TV, movies and documentaries educating and expanding the population’s awareness beyond their conditioning.” Dina also believes that having a national anti-harassment day, where all kinds of art can be used to educate the public, would be extremely helpful.

Women empowerment is strongest when it comes from within the female community. Artist Dina Zaitoun has ideas on how female artists can support each other. “Through working on large scale projects under a bigger umbrella, focusing on issues which women face, growing, learning and creating together,” Dina continues, “also, amplifying each other’s voices on Social Media, which has proven to be an effective form of making change.”

Artwork by Dina Zaitoun
Artwork by Dina Zaitoun

Artist Dina Zaitoun’s work comes in both digital and traditional forms. And choosing only one would be difficult, “professionally, I would go with digital, because it has more options like animating, and it is more efficient to post on Social Media, which is my primary channel of communication with my target audience,” Dina explains.


Self-Portrait by Dina Zaitounn
Self-Portrait by Dina Zaitoun

Finally, we had to know what was in store for artist Dina Zaitoun. “Continuing to create art that discusses pressing issues is on top of my to-do list; women empowerment, self-healing, wellbeing and feminism mainly,” she concludes.

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