“A Feminist”: The correct definition

Being a feminist is a label that has been assigned to many modern women without even understanding the meaning of the word. I see men talking about a girl they know who swears and cusses on social media like a drunk bitter old man and they say she is a feminist. I see friends talking about a girl who got piercings in exotic places on her body and say that she is one hell of a feminist! But what do we really know about feminism and women who are feminists?

Well, I am not sure about the holistic definition! I did not Google the term or look up how modernist thinkers have phrased it; honestly, I do not even care! I know I am a feminist and, by being one, I am a woman who supports women against the oppression of the society, men, shame and other women if I had to! I know that a feminist believes in the power of women, their freedom, they capabilities, their dreams and their desire to reach their full potential.

I am a feminist because

  • I believe women are capable of being brilliant and they are not meant to be a follower or marginalized.
  • I believe that nobody should ever be forgiven for objectifying women and torment them with labels on what to wear and what not to wear.
  • I believe that no woman is weak; she just did not explore her full strength yet. But when she does, the dragon will come spitting fire on whoever stands in the way!
  • I honestly and sincerely disrespect any man who looks at women as a lower being and I honestly and sincerely want to “shift+delete” women who dare to do the same.

I am a feminist and that is a trait that I carry with a lot of fear

  • A fear of waking up one day to realize that I am letting peer pressure get to me.
  • A fear of the struggle of raising a daughter in a society that thinks backwards like ours. A society that believes a man can stay up late and a girl cannot, a society that wants men to live with their parents till they marry and teach their sons to expect their wives to serve them like their mothers did!
  • I am afraid of becoming domesticated one day, and that is one hell of a fear! I am very conscious with every step and every decision I take to make sure I do not fall into the trap that has been setup for women in our society.
  • I am afraid of getting so swamped that I no longer have the level of self-awareness that I have today; the level that makes me see fault in myself and embrace it; the bravery of knowing I am flawless at accepting my flaws.

I am a feminist and I learned so much by first-hand experience and through mere observation

  • I learned what it means to be actualised and what it means to be my own “person”.
  • I learned to appreciate being alone, regardless of what others think.
  • I learned to feel compassion and empathy even towards those who do not deserve it!
  • I learned the value of the inspiring women I am surrounded with and the oppression of every Egyptian woman who has walked the streets with heart-breaking steps, working on behalf of her husband and supporting a full household (regardless of what her socio-economic class is).

I am a feminist and I know how much this pushes certain stereotypes away from me. I push them away directly with my attitude, my pride and reckless sense of cynicism. I push them indirectly by how much I alienate myself from their thoughts and attitudes. I am a self-sufficient woman who never walks with the weight of the world on her shoulders. I will continue to try and walk with the weight of the world under my feet and with glamour and strength on my shoulders. Even at my darkest moment you would still see me with 3 layers of concealer and a smirk on my face. I will fight, I will fall and I will tell you your flaws in your face. Because not only am I a feminist, but a proud and strong one who will rise again even when hardships walk all over her like there is no tomorrow!

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