If Disney Villains were Played by Egyptian Stars

Picture this: instead of the animated version, Disney’s films were live action ones, starring Egyptian actresses. Our favorite villains would have been perfectly portrayed by these Egyptian actresses.









Snow White’s Evil Queen: Nadia El Gendy


Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s ma3boudet elgamaheer? What? Snow White? Quick! Kill her and bring me her heart! Nadia El Gendy was the ultimate Femme Fatale in the 80s, and we think she would have kicked all kinds of butt as the Evil Queen.



The Little Mermaid’s Ursula: Na’ima El Soghayar


The biggest badass in Egyptian cinema and generic female villain extraordinaire would have been perfect for the role of the powerful mistress of the sea!



Alice in Wonderland’s Red Queen: Ragaa El Geddawy


Who’s more royal than Ragaa? She has that combination of ladylike and psychotic that would be perfect for the portrayal of Her Royal Highness, the Red Queen.



Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent: Suhair El Bably


She’s got the bone structure, she’s got the eyes, she’s even got the theatrical performance to pull it off!



One Hundred and One Dalmatians’ Cruella De Vil: Zuzu Nabil


We can’t think of anyone else who can pull this off better. Zuzu was all about her elegant-but-can-totally-kick-your-butt attitude.



Cinderella’s Evil Stepsisters: Es’aad Youness and Suhair El Bably


As Bakiza w Zaghloul, they captured the hearts of us all. We suggest they reenact the same performance with added meanness and voila! They’d have created evil stepsisters that you can’t help but love.


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