HWJN: The Bestseller Saudi Novel Is Now a Film! 


The trailer for the film adaptation of the bestseller Saudi Novel “HWJN” by Ibraheem Abbas was released on Saturday December 3rd, 2022 at the second edition of the Red Sea Film Festival. The film is directed by Yasir AlYasiri whose work speaks for itself. From the international success of 122 to Shabab Sheyab and Murk Light to his amazing directorial vision and eye for detail, Yasir AlYasiri was definitely the choice for the film. 

About the Novel

A national literary phenomenon, written by Ibraheem Abbas and rewritten in English by Yasser Bahjat under their co-founded Arabian Science Fiction publishing house Yatakhaylon. HWJN is a story that revolves around a world where Jinn is forced to live amongst humans. Hwjn and his family are enjoying their lives when they get turned upside-down when a human family moves into their home. Forbidden from interacting by ancient laws, Hwjn becomes fascinated with the family and falls in love with the human girl. This is when Hwjn needs to figure out his life and what he’s going to do. 

About the Film

The film trailer has been released today at RSFF. The press conference has received a wide celebration with the bringing of the beloved novel HWJN to life once again. Moreover, it was a discussion about how the novel came to life and the entire process to bring such a beloved novel into film while still maintaining its heart. The film stars Baraa Alem, Naif Al Daferi, Nour Al Khadra, Al Anoud Saud, and Mohsen Mansour. 

Author Ibraheem Abbas said, “ Adapting my novel into a feature film has been an incredible process. I’m thrilled to bring the universe of HWJN to the big screen. The director, cast, and crew really understood the vision of the book. I hope that fans of HWJN from around the world will enjoy seeing their favorite characters brought to life.”

Yasser Bahjatt added: “It was an amazing ride to see how our vision of creating a culture around SciFi from Saudi Arabia has blossomed with the production of HWJN.  It was incredible to create this cinematic piece just in time for the tenth anniversary of the book’s release. With support from such a talented director and alongside the supportive partners – Vox Cinemas, MBC Studios, and Image Nation Abu Dhabi.”

Scheduled for release in 2023,‘HWJN’ is to be developed under the landmark  production partnership between Image Nation Abu Dhabi, MBC STUDIOS, and VOX Cinemas

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