Hend Sabry Launches New Women’s Fashion Brand “Second Chance”

Second Chance Hend Sabry

Hend Sabry, our beloved superstar, launched her latest fashion brand Second Chance for all women on Monday, the 23rd of January in collaboration with fashion designer Rym Turki. 

What Second Chance Is About

Second Chance is all about female empowerment through fashion. Hend Sabry and Rym Turki wanted to design a collection that reflects its own identity. One that is inspired by Eastern and Western culture. They wanted to give a voice to all women to express themselves through bold designs and colors. It is an invitation for every woman in the world to walk proudly and confidently. An invitation to show the world her powerful character and undying passion. 


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“When Rym Turki and I first thought about Second Chance, we wanted to empower women in the Arab World by bringing them fashion that is made for ladies with strong personalities who want to flaunt their colors, own their identity and culture, are unapologetically themselves, and are effortlessly elegant and want to feel good in their own skin without bothering with extra bling, and that’s how the label was born.” Says Hend Sabry in her latest post on Instagram

What to Expect

Second Chance was established in the UAE and all the products are available online through the website. The inspiration for the brand first came through when Rym Turki designed the clothing items for one of Hend Sabry’s characters in a series. Then they decided to build a brand that had the same feel and energy. Starting from the fabrics to the immense detail in every piece. Both Hend Sabry and Rym Turki incorporated the finest fabrics and prints into every item. The label also uses environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging to contribute to the Green label for a healthier world. 

Second Chance is a label made by women and for women. It is a statement on its own and a magical way of expression for strong personalities and powerful figures. It is also a reflection of the beauty and the culture in the Arab world and its strong voice that inspires all of us. 

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