Healthy is the New Sexy! 6 Healthy Snacks Powered by Nestle Egypt #اخترت_صحتي

If you’re living in Cairo, that means you spend most of your day in traffic or on the go. You get bored and the first thing you want to do is munch on something. Here are some quick snacks to grab with you; they are just as yummy as they are healthy!

Apple and Peanut Butter Sandwiches

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Despite recent rumors, peanut butter is actually good for you. It contains healthy fats and is a great energy booster. Slice up an apple and use it instead of bread to make yummy peanut butter sandwiches. A sweet snack for the peanut butter addicts!

Dates and Nuts Salad

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Cut up some dates and a handful of nuts. They are great so munch on and improve your energy level. A healthier way to quench your sweet tooth desires.

Breakfast Shake

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Mix yogurt, milk, oats and a banana. Add a pinch of cinnamon and honey to your liking. This kind of shake is very filling; you could easily make it your breakfast. It has everything you need to start an energetic and healthy day! You can get as creative as you want with this shake, changing your fruit of choice depending on the season.

Green Smoothie

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Add anything green that you love; fruits and vegetables alike or you can even mix both! We recommend mixing up the following ingredients; Melon, mint, spinach, mango and apple. Mix them up with some yogurt and you’re good to go.

Lemon Water

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The only thing better than water is lemon water! In your regular water bottle slice up a lemon and put it in add a few cubes of ice to keep it cool throughout the day. This is very refreshing and helps with digestion, boosts immune system and weight loss! For an extra kick, add a couple of slices of ginger and some mint leaves.

Egg Muffins

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These are extremely easy to make and a joy to eat! Beat a couple of eggs, add your favorite vegetables and pour into a greased muffin pan. Put them in the oven for 20 minutes and there you have it, your breakfast to go!

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