Head-to-Toe Pampering at The Four Seasons First Residence Spa

We have a stressful job, but it does come with perks, like getting pampered at the Four Seasons Cairo First Residence spa!

We were invited to a full day of pampering that took months worth of stress off our shoulders, back and skin. Our day started with yummy drinks by the perfectly heated pool. After a nice morning swim, we were ushered into the spa for our treatments. Our professional masseuse knew her pressure points well, and we felt the tension just melt under her talented fingers. Afterwards, we received a facial treatment, delivered with care, which made us look as rested as we felt.

The products used, and the methods that were employed really paid off. The Moroccan oil rehydrated our skin beyond description! We never thought a treatment could make us look so fresh. Of course it helped that we felt more relaxed than we had in months.

Our day ended with a delicious lunch at the Aura restaurant. Nothing better than a succulent Lebanese meal could have ended this relaxing day. Who would have thought a spa treatment could make us feel so hungry? We were famished, and the Lebanese meal we were treated to was one of the best we’ve had in Cairo.

The professional staff delivered such great service with so much love, that we found ourselves vowing to visit the place again.

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