Fair Trade Explores Shades of Ra

After months of planning and grueling preparations by Fair Trade Egypt’s design team and network of artisans, Shades of Ra was finally released in an event that took place on November 6th in their Maadi show room. Shades of Ra is FTE’s Fall 2014 collection, and it is everything the name suggests and more.

Genuine, unique pieces alone are great, but with FTE it’s different. FTE gives us the best of both worlds: unique pieces and great benefits for the artisans. The people who make the special pieces you buy get to explore their talents and make a decent living, while providing you with a product that is authentic, creative and 100% Egyptian. This new collection puts a lot of focus into the Egyptian part.

The collection takes its inspiration from Ancient Egyptian mythology. The name Shades of Ra illustrates the various Gods and Goddesses represented by each piece in the collection. FTE’s network of artisans – which extends throughout 13 different governorates – took it upon themselves to transform those Ancient Egyptian ideas into modern day products.

The products are not only beautiful and genuine, but useful and practical. Home decor and personal accessories have never been so genuine, original and authentic. The line includes cushions, tablecloths, baskets, kitchenware and much more home and decor items. Not only that, but they also include accessories that are to die for! Everything from bags, purses and backpacks to necklaces, rings and earrings. 

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