“Empowering Women through Cooking” The Latest Initiative from WFP in Partnership with Seven Circles!

Empowering Women through Cooking

Words and language inspire. They allow people to use their voice and speak up, and food is a language that the entire world knows how to speak well. The United Nations’ World Food Program (WFP) and Seven Circles knew that very well. As a result, they have launched the “Empowering Women through Cooking” cookbook in Egypt on Tuesday, May 24th for the entire world to see! 

Empowering women through cooking

Representing Women All Over the World

Women, for many years, have transformed recipes and mastered the true art of cooking. Women open our eyes to the true marvel that is taste and still introduce us to tradition and culture through flavor. They take us around the world through different cuisines. Empowering Women through Cooking Cookbook is an ode to all the Egyptian strong women who did just that. The cookbook features the stories and recipes of 54 women from all over Egypt. These women come from different national backgrounds, religions, socioeconomic levels, struggles, and talents. 

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This cookbook is not only a representation of their passions but a look into their real lives. Moreover, its launch is part of a global campaign expanding to over 10 countries. The Empowering Women through Cooking cookbook is a great insight into real pursuits of ambition. Also, women becoming entrepreneurs, and real examples of them changing lives. All while capturing Egypt’s rich food heritage.


“This cookbook creatively presents the unifying power of food. It provides a unique space where everyday people, communities, individuals, and entities have come together to share their voice and message of empowerment. WFP’s strategic partnership with Seven Circles works to inspire, educate and empower women through innovative collaborations. It emphasizes the importance of empowering women by providing access to opportunities and education. Not only to achieve food security, but development that is truly inclusive and sustainable,” said Praveen Agrawal, WFP Representative and Country Director in Egypt. 

Behind the Scenes…

The Empowering Women through Cooking Cookbook is proof that the civil society, the public and private sectors, academia, impact funds, and aid agencies can (and must) work together to empower women.

The project and initiative contributors include; Beyti, Monappetit, Yallazest, and Stardust. Also, Semiramis Intercontinental Cairo Hotel hosted the launch of the book. The book is also co-published by Jabal Amman Publishers and Dar El Shorouk publishing house.

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