Farida ElSerty

Self Care

The Ultimate Self-Care Checklist for All

For a long time, I thought that self-care was a manifestation of luxury. I believed that self-care checklists were about superficial things like doing your nails or taking a good bath, and while that’s somehow true, I discovered that the concept is deeper than that. What is Self-Care? Self-care is mainly about taking care of…

Feminist Films

5 Women-Centric Films You Shouldn’t Miss

Over the years, there were many movies about, for, and by women. We enjoyed many of them and forgot about others. However, some of these movies are exceptional. They allowed women to voice their beliefs freely and helped to shape a growing public consciousness on the value of feminism.  Although we cannot truly capture women’s…

مسلسل طلعت روحي

My Experience as a Plus Size Girl on Dating Apps

As a fat girl living in Egypt, I use the term fat with love as it is an affirming and neutral signifier of my body. The way people see me has been triggering to me throughout my life. Unfortunately, I spent years and years thinking about people’s perceptions – especially men – about my body…

Plus Size Clothes

5 Local Plus Size Clothing Shops to Keep on Your Radar

As a plus-size girl, I have always hated shopping. I have always hated feeling that nothing fits me. I have always hated that my body is not skinny enough to match the clothing industry’s standards. When I finally manage to find any plus-size clothing, they all seem to be crumbs of clothes. Unfortunately, the garment…

Shagara at School

Shagara Inaugurates Shagara at School: Green Roof Classroom at AlShaymaa Secondary School for Girls

The Inauguration of Shagara at School Shagara Enterprise inaugurated “Shagara at School” on the 14th of December in Al-Shaymaa Secondary School for Girls, with AstraZeneca. As a part of the environmental sustainability efforts, Håkan Emsgård, the Swedish ambassador in Cairo, Dr. Hatem Al-Wardani, CEO of AstraZeneca Egypt; and Mr. Mohamed Abdel Samad, CEO of Shagara…