Shagara Inaugurates Shagara at School: Green Roof Classroom at AlShaymaa Secondary School for Girls

Shagara at School

The Inauguration of Shagara at School

Shagara Enterprise inaugurated “Shagara at School” on the 14th of December in Al-Shaymaa Secondary School for Girls, with AstraZeneca.

As a part of the environmental sustainability efforts, Håkan Emsgård, the Swedish ambassador in Cairo, Dr. Hatem Al-Wardani, CEO of AstraZeneca Egypt; and Mr. Mohamed Abdel Samad, CEO of Shagara Enterprise launched this project.


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The Green Roof Classroom is an area of 120m2 above Al-Shaymaa Secondary School’s roof. That is to say, it gives the students the chance to take some fresh air through their learning process.

This step is not only good for COVID-19 protective measures, but it is also necessary for the mental and physical health of the students.

The Goal

“Shagara at School” seeks to establish “The Green Roof Classrooms” in public schools to raise environmental awareness in addition to, mitigating climate change, and improving the educational environment.

Consequently, this project would help reduce overcrowded classrooms and play an important environmental role in Egypt. Moreover, it aims to reduce the number of students in classrooms.

Shagara at School

Emsgård had expressed his happiness in witnessing the implementation of such projects at Egyptian schools.

Dr. Hatem Al-Wardani, CEO of AstraZeneca Egypt stated:

“Climate change has negatively affected our lives and health in the recent decades. As a result, this requires all people, countries, and international organizations to work together to limit climate change and improve the environment.”

Additionally, he said that AstraZeneca’s participation in Shagara at School” reflects AstraZeneca’s social responsibility programs. Therefore, these programs aim to improve the general environment in Egypt to build a less polluted and healthier society.

The Outcomes

The CEO of Shagara emphasized that Egyptian schools are the best way to educate young Egyptian students about environmental pollution. As a result of the wide surfaces on the schools’ rooftops in Egypt.

Shagara at School

Shagara at School is a great example of how we can consider societal and economic challenges for a better understanding of our environment and its beauty.

This is just the beginning of a more impactful change. It all happens one step at a time, and we can’t wait to see what Shagara will do next.

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