Audrey Hepburn

Iconic Fashion Facts


The Little Black Dress: Audrey Hepburn was the little black dress goddess, as she made it iconic on the big screen. She was the first actress to wear black simple dresses in the cinema.

Button-down Men’s Shirts: Audrey Hepburn pulled this look off beautifully. Audrey Hepburn loved feminine clothes; however, she knew how to pull off the men’s inspired look flawlessly as well. She appeared wearing that white shirt with a puffed skirt and a neck scarf in “Roman’s Holiday” for the first time.

Iconic sunglasses: Remember the shades with that Little Black dress in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” movie, everyone thought they were Ray Bans in fact they are Oliver Goldsmith and that model is called “Manhattan”.

Dresses: Her dresses have their own Wikipedia pages, isn’t that thoughtful? All the Givenchy dresses worn by her have their own wikis.

Perfect body: she actually made a vow to herself never to exceed 103 pounds, with the exception of her pregnancies and she succeeded. 

Capri pants: Audrey Hepburn made them famous in movies like Sabrina and Funny Face and today women still find them as a wardrobe must-have.

Ballet Flats:  Audrey Hepburn loved ballet flats and wore them with everything – dresses, pants, and Capri pants, anything you can think of. She wasn’t really confident when it comes to her feet; she had the largest feet in Hollywood, sized 46.


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