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Always Egypt

We are all different and with that comes a wide range of emotions that we feel. Always Egypt’s new Fempowerment campaign is telling us that it’s “Always Okay” to experience that. As much as self-expression powered by strong emotional responses has been a true pillar in the making of our generation, it’s still never easy to fully accept how we feel. Always Egypt understands and it’s telling us that it’s okay to be emotional, to be loud, to feel what we feel no matter what that is. It’s okay to be sad, angry, happy, or all of them all at once. Always Okay. 

So, here are some of the things that Always Egypt wants us to know: 


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Tired? Sad? Angry? Happy? – “Always Okay” 

With a simple yet powerful slogan, Always Egypt is reassuring young girls, teenagers, and women and telling them that it’s normal to feel whatever they’re feeling. It is saying that how we feel matters and counts and that emotions should never be labeled, only normalized and accepted as a human part of us. So, whether you want to go out or not, whether you want to talk or not, whether you want to work or not, whatever you want or don’t want to do, Always is telling you that it’s “Always okay.” 

You Are Heard

The world is loud and with it comes a lot of noise that stops us from being loud ourselves. Always wants you to know that no matter how quiet or loud you are, you are heard. As long as your voice is here, and as long as you are trying, this campaign has got your back. No matter the labels we as women are bombarded with every day, our periods are nothing to be ashamed of. Always hears you loud and clear. That’s why this campaign is here. 

You Are in the Driver’s Seat

Always’ wants to empower young women and tell them that what they’re thinking and feeling is okay. Always understands that it’s not easy to grow up different and louder than the generations before you, however Always fully embraces that and supports it. 

What Always wants you to know is that no matter what anyone tells you, you are in control, you are in the driver’s seat and you should make the statement you want to make no matter how you feel. There is no right or wrong, the only right thing is for you to feel like your feelings are okay. However you feel, Always supports it and has your back. 

Always is Here for You

Always Egypt has been empowering women for years and has also been a powerful platform for representation and strength. Not only through their empowering campaigns for women, but through their wide range of products that can fit and cater to every woman’s needs. Always has a wide variety of products that are characterized by their variety and strength. We all experience our periods differently, so whether it’s a heavy flow or a light flow, whether you need day and night care or everyday care, Always definitely has it all. 


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All what Always Egypt’s Fempowerment Campaign wants to tell you is that it’s always okay to be who you are, no matter how you feel and when you feel it and it’s saying that through its big variety of products as well.

Diversity Brings Us Together

Always Egypt is setting the bar for what Fempowerment campaigns should look like. We are now louder than ever and the excitement of our differences fuels us. There is nothing more empowering than different women holding each other up, and that’s exactly what this campaign stands for. 

By collaborating with a wide range of young female influencers like Aya Ibrahim, Laila Ezzat, Hana Daoud, Lily Samy, Rola Khalil, and Yasmina Eyad, Always is reflecting the importance of Fempowerment and what it can do for us. The campaign is empowering women through it all, embracing their differences and it’s being loud about it. 

Always Egypt’s campaign is also in collaboration with some of the most influential brands in Cairo like Xhbt Shop, Bazic, In Your Shoe, Essentials, Cairo Runners, and  Dirty Cookie

Always Fempowerment campaign is driven forward by women. It wants young females to know that Always is there for them. Always Egypt has been breaking stereotypes for years. Now, it is saying what should’ve been said a long time ago, but it’s never too late to take a stance. 

It is now the time to talk, and Always is saying what we all want to hear. Always Okay.


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