A Beautiful Scar: On Emotional Wounds, Healing, and the Power of Letting Go

Emotional scars have adverse effects far greater than physical ones. To me, physical scars are proof that you survived something that was meant to break you. Physical scars show strength and that is why most people with battle scars choose to keep them even though they can be removed. They actually have pride in their scars because they illustrate their bravery and dignity.

Emotional scars, however, are much more difficult to heal from. They are based on traumatic experiences, whether from childhood, teenage years or even adulthood, that change you forever. They even change your perception of everything around you.

So many of us believe that the wounds we have cannot be healed. We do not deal with our problems, instead, we think of all the ways to shut them in. We surrender to the idea that there is something that will always be missing and that is just the way it is. What we do not realize is that this is all just in our heads. Our minds give in to the mix-up between a wound and a scar. There is a huge difference between both. A wound means I am still hurt or I am in pain, but a scar says “I have healed, and this is my story”. A scar is full of lessons that become wisdom. It is a show of strength, and when carried with dignity, it becomes a beautiful mark that says I am different and I cannot be stopped.

The question now is how can one turn their wounds into scars? How can you stop the ache? How can you move on? The answer is simple. You heal when you let go. All this suffering will fade away the moment you let go. God created all of us with an equal amount of strength, it is just our job to search our soul and find it. It is only then that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Find your strength to let go of all the pain, insecurities, shame, fear, or guilt inside you. Find your strength to release all the anger that you are holding within you. Most importantly, find the strength to forgive and forget the burdens you were carrying in the past.

This healing process is not easy, but it is doable. Healing allows you to break all your chains.

It allows you to grow and become ten times better than the person you were. There is nothing more attractive than being comfortable in your own skin. Trust me, none of us are not struggling somehow. Each one of us has a dark place derived from painful experiences. It is our choice and in our hands to turn this darkness into light that does not only shine for us, but for those around us as well. When we talk to the right people, deal with the root causes, find our points of strength and reach the ability to let go, this is when our wounds heal properly. They become beauty marks and create strong individuals. They become reminders that we are survivors. So, embrace your scars because you have just won your battle.

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