7 Egyptian Paralympic Athletes Making us Proud

We witnessed three amazing Egyptian athletes come back home from the Rio2016 Olympic games with medals, making us overly proud and happy! However, little did we know that our athletes competing at the Rio2016 Paralympics – the Olympic games for people of disabilities – would send us on an even greater high of pride and happiness! The Paralympics are almost over, and we’ve so far secured 3 gold medals, 5 silver medals, and 3 bronze medals, leading to a total of 11 medals! We are impressed to say the least and in light of this great success, here are some Egyptian athletes that caught our attention by their great Paralympic performances:


Rehab Ahmed


Weightlifter Rehab Ahmed won Egypt’s second medal at the games. Following the successful streak of female wins at the Olympics, Rehab won a silver medal in the women’s 50 kg powerlifting event. Our female athletes are continuing to prove and show just how strong and capable they are!


Sherif Othman


The first medal and the first Gold for Egypt came from weightlifter Sherif Othman. Not only did he win the gold at the 59 kg powerlifting event, but he broke his own record, previously set during the London 2012 Paralympic games. What a fighter!


Shaaban Ibrahim


38 year-old Shaaban Ibrahim, won a Bronze in powerlifting. He lifted a total of 193 KG in the men’s 65kg category, securing the third medal win for Egypt at the Rio 2016 Paralympics, giving us even more hope for all the following events. This hope eventually proved to be in place!


Ibrahim Hamadtou


Ibrahim Hamadtou may have not won any medals during the games, but he stood out as a fighter and worthy competitor! He is the only Paralympic table tennis player with no hands and who plays with his teeth and legs. No one has ever dared to even try using their legs in table tennis before, and everyone is taking note!


Egypt Men’s National Sitting Volleyball team


Egypt men’s national sitting volleyball team won their games against Germany, Brazil and the United States at the Paralympic games. These outstanding wins have now qualified them to the semi-finals which will be played on the 16th of September! They started strong, and are continuing even stronger!


Randa Tag El-Din


The first and only Egyptian female Gold medalist is Randa Tag El-Din and we couldn’t be more proud! She won the Gold medal in the women’s 86 kg event in powerlifting, drawing a huge smile on our faces and hearts!


Mohamed El Dib


We conclude our list with the third Gold medalist, Mohamed El Dib. He not only won the third Gold medal in the men’s 97 kg powerlifting event, but he broke the world record by lifting 237 kg. That’s a double win right there!

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