5 Reasons Why Divorce Is Actually Better For The Kids

Getting a divorce raises lots of questions, how will my children feel secure? How will I raise them on my own? Will they always feel different from the other children at school? and so on. If we think of the other scenario where a child grows up living with parents who cant stand each other, different questions will pop to mind too.

Here are 5 reasons why divorce might be a great option for your kids:

  • Your child won’t see the worst of his parents:

Your child won’t witness your bad temper, anger, weakness and sorrow. He’ll also won’t be there when you lose yourself to cursing or yelling. He’ll always see you in your strongest form fighting in a calm and civilized manner.

  • Your child will learn to fight for their happiness:

Getting a divorce means you no longer want to be part of an abusive relationship that makes you unhappy. This is a great way to teach your children that they actually have power over their own lives and they have to fall, rise and shake the dirt off then proceed without victimizing themselves.

  • Your child will learn to be responsible:

Divorce might be a double-edged sword for some families. Some parents tend to spoil their kids because they are ‘children of divorce’ which never ends in a healthy upbringing. Living as a single mum requires double and triple the effort, but if you talk to your children about how it’s is important to be responsible and help around the house, they will learn to handle life on their own. Basic tasks like waking themselves up for school or landing a summer internship instead of extra allowance would definitely bring in good results.

  • Your Child will learn that life goes on no matter what happened

Divorce is the beginning to a new life and learning from previous mistakes is the key to a brighter future. Life goes on and you can explore new relationships and commitments. Get back to your old hobbies and projects put on hold during your divorce process. Meet new people and introduce them to your kids. It’s very important that children, especially teenagers learn that no matter what happened we can find new people to love.

  • Your Child will learn Patience:

Having their father and mother in separate homes, your children wouldn’t be able to request the things they want easily. They’ll have to wait till they visit their dad and ask them for new toys or allowance. They’ll learn that everything doesn’t have to come in handy anytime/anywhere and they have to plan it up and work hard for what they want.


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