4 Yoga Poses for Wheelchair Users!

As I have said time and time again, yoga is for everyone, regardless of your body type, your age or your abilities. Being in a wheelchair should not stop you from doing yoga; it has many health benefits for mind and body that we should all be able to profit from.  Here are some simple yoga poses that are wheelchair-friendly.


The benefits of these poses are great, both physically and mentally; they include improving quality of sleep, strength, and flexibility. They also decrease stress and anxiety and give a sense of connection.


Make sure you get your doctor’s approval first to make sure it’s safe and fit for you.





Start by placing your hands on your knees. Inhale as you bring your chest forward, bending your elbows and gazing upwards.


Exhale as you straighten your arms, rounding your back and bringing your chin to your chest.


Repeat a few times.



Forward Fold


With your hands by your side, inhale as you reach your arms up above your head, and exhale as you fold forward onto your thighs. Stay here for several breaths.





With a straight back, hold on to the armrest on the right side. Inhale to lengthen your spine and exhale to twist to the right side, opening your chest to the right. Hold for several breaths. Repeat on left side.



Knee to Chest


Start with a straight back, inhale as you lengthen and exhale as you grab onto the back of your right leg and pull it to your chest. Hold for several breaths and repeat on other side.


Diana Faaberg

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After a major career shift she found her zen
Through yoga and working out. Her motto in
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