3 fresh talents take the Egyptian beauty industry by storm!

Aromatic inddulgence, fabulous packaging and exceptional quality, all define the new wave of local beauty products that immeditaly grabbed our attention. There is no doubt that the beauty industry in Egypt has been taking a different path in the past years. There are many young beauticians/entrepreuneurs making waves across Egypt with their unique line of organic beauty products, featuring everything from oils to facial scrubs. These incredible young entrepreneurs are taking the reins of the Egyptian beauty industry and we can’t help but fall head over heels for their aromatic products.

 Hossam El Maraghy, Founder of Maward, has you covered from organic oils to rejuvenating facial masks and scrubs. “Every woman should give natural products a try and they will definitely feel the great transformation” he says. Speaking of top tips, the natural beauty specialist’s advice for all women is “know your skin very well, even though the products are 100 percent natural they still can cause allergic reactions” he explains.

 Another young and all-natural cosmetics brand Urban Ducks aims to transform every woman’s daily beauty routine into a 100% natural and nourishing one. The brand started when the four partners Nouran, Nermeen, Omar, and Rimon were searching for organic skincare products to satisfy their needs.The brand encourages the usuage of natural skin products, and let go of all harmful, chemical-based ingredients “women should refrain from using conventional beauty products because all these chemical products pile up on the skin blocking the pores, which on the long run could lead to diseases and harm the environment” Nouran says.

 Who said all natural products should look unappealing and odorless, Rana Tarbousha, Founder of Body Bakes is working towards changing this misconception.“At Body Bakes we want to make natural products, safe and effective on the skin and smell good at the same time” she says.

Speaking of the challenges she faced as a new start-up in Cairo, “ it was very challenging finding raw materials in Cairo, we source most of our ingredients and fragrances because it’s difficult to find these raw materials with great quality” she explains.

 Join the young organic beauty movement and check out @urbanducks, @bodybakes, @hossamelmaraghy.

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