10 Ice Bucket Challenge Videos you Shouldn’t Miss

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a viral campaign designed so people would donate to the ALS research. It started catching on with celebrities recently, and it is simply delightful. Not only because it’s for a good cause, but also because there are some celebrities whom we’ve been dying to see doused with ice water. Here’s a list of the best celebrity ice bucket challenge videos:


Gwen Stefani

The blonde diva’s video was very endearing. Gwen’s reaction to the ice water was nothing short of adorable. We are also jealous because no one should be allowed to look so good while soaking wet.


Robert Downey Jr

Iron Man shed his iron suit and took the challenge! All women in the world rejoiced. The fact that Robert’s wife was the one pouring the ice water on him made the video even cuter.



This is here mainly for reasons of nostalgia. I mean, we listened to those boys when we were teenagers. So we can’t help but appreciate a video of them squealing like toddlers. What’s wrong, boys? You’ve done this before in the “I Can” music video.


Lady Gaga

If Lady Gaga jumps on any bandwagon, she’s bound to do it with a twist. And this time she definitely did. The diva donned a black, studded leotard and matching black lipstick, and took that ice water like a champ! Not a peep from her. Even her p-p-p-poker face didn’t change. 


Tom Hiddleston

Loki took on the challenge. And he did not disappoint. Hiddleston was kind enough to add a slow-mo bit, which the ladies appreciated. 

He then nominated Benedict Cumberbatch, which brings us to our next video.


Benedict Cumberbatch

The Sherlock star was a day late, but he definitely made up for it. Cumberbatch was doused with ice water five different times – during one of which he was shirtless. You’re welcome, ladies.


Sir Patrick Stewart

Sir Patrick Stewart himself joined the campaign. He did it in a unique fashion that only befits him. See the video below and try to convince us this man isn’t Xavier in real life. You won’t be able to.


Foo Fighters

The rockstars took the ice bucket challenge to the next level. While nominating Stephen King himself, the boys gave Carrie a nod. And they did it in the most hilarious way.


Stephen King

The horror King accepted Dave Grohl’s challenge. How wouldn’t he, after a performance like that? Beware, Stephen himself tweeted demanding that no one makes fun of his white socks. Since we find him intimidating, we dare not make one single joke about them. As a matter of fact. He could be starting a new trend!


Fifi Abdou

Queen Foffa herself did it! And, hilariously, nominated every AUC student out there. We’re already dedicated followers to Fifi’s Instagram. And this was a most perfect treat.

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