Zap Tharwat “Mosalsalat are repeated all year but Ramadan is only once, use it wisely.”


We talk to artist and poet Zap Tharwat about the spiritual side of Ramadan and some of his favorite Ramadan things!


Fancy tents or qahwet el fishawy?

Qahwet El Fishawy.

Do you still work out as regularly during Ramadan?


A piece of advice you would give people who sit on the couch watching Mosalsalat all day?

I don’t give advice, but I would tell them to do anything with their time; charity, sports, anything. Mosalsalat are repeated all year but Ramadan is only once, use it wisely.

Do you regret all the times you insisted on fasting when you were younger (when your parents said no khaleeha nos youm)?

I actually don’t get thirsty, so I don’t really mind.

Karkade or 2amar el deen?

2amar el deen.

Do you drink sobya from the street?

Yes, I drink anything from the street!

Mosa7arati; yay or nay?

It’s a nice idea but quite useless he comes at 1 which isn’t sohour time and people don’t wake up.

Your favorite Ramadan series of all time?

Segn El Nesa; I love the music.

Do you get more spiritual during Ramadan?

Of course, I feel like we all do. I read Quran more often, even just being kind to each other and people in the street.

Do you have a relative who always asks sayem wala zay kol sana and how do you respond?

Yes, my answer is always a simple ‘yes’ to annoy them and “2araya7 demaghi”. I don’t joke because that will turn it into a conversation.

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