You are responsible for your state of mind

You may have read, or heard about or sometimes even experienced that what you give out comes back.

What does that mean? It simply means that what you think about becomes real. But wait! It is not as simple as it sounds, or else it would be heaven out here.

If we take this statement from a deeper meaning we can see that it also points out to how we feel about ourselves. What we think simply becomes the truth. If you think you can make it, then you will -even if you face challenges, they will just be seen as small pebbles on your way. But if you don’t think you can make it, then you wont -even if all the ways are paved for you. It is a state of mind. Some healers believe that we are fully responsible for how our lives are. It is very shocking for the human mind to believe that we may choose unhappiness, misery, poverty or sickness. But from the healers’ angle it is the power of the thoughts you have. Ever wondered why someone less than ordinary can end up in a better job than another person? Because they thought they deserve this! Because the power of their thoughts helped them shape the future they want and desire.

Louise Hay, a well-known healer and writer once said, ”No place, no person and no thing has any power over us, for we are the only thinkers in it”.

When what you really want is peace and serenity you need to first create them in your mind, and only then will your life change. But can we just achieve this easily? The answer is: depends.

As a natural reaction when you read this, you may think that we all want to be happy. But think again.

The way we think about our lives is a combination of many components; one of them is the environment in which we grew up. When we are still young, we learn how we are “supposed” to feel about ourselves through the reactions of the adults around us. If you live with unhappy people you will learn this, and if you live with people who carry anger and guilt, lots of negativity will build up in your mind. The funny thing is that even after we grow older and leave our homes, we tend to recreate these personal relationships again with other people around us. Did you ever have a boss that was similar to your mom or dad? Or even get married to someone similar to your dad? Sometimes, we even treat ourselves the same way our parents did, without realizing how much this could prevent us from getting what we really deserve. If our parents missed at things it is probably because their parents missed at things. This can go on and on if we don’t have the right awareness. If our parents were not taught how to properly self love, and accept, they will not be able to give further to us. They also did the best they could do at the time. Now that you are more aware, take control of your life. Change your thoughts.Wish and make your dreams come true.Last but not least, the speed ticket to this is to love yourself. You deserve this; feel it and believe it. You deserve the life you want.

Nada Rashed is a Complimentary Alternative Medicine Practitioner and Certified Reflexology Teacher, www.reflexologyegypt.comShe has a diploma in foot reflexology from Reflexology Association of Canada and later on specialized in different reflexology fields such as spinal reflexology, pregnancy, fertility and reflexology and hand reflexology. She also studied several courses in color healing/therapy. She is also an advanced practitioner of Flower Essences therapy.

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