Women’s Film Festival Trailer is Seriously Confusing

The Cairo International Women’s Film Festival’s second trailer is out. And we couldn’t be less confused by it.

The “trailer” shows a woman giving birth and – naturally – screaming her lungs out. The nurse goes to deliver the baby and she takes out what looks like a tube. At this point our initial bafflement was replaced with sheer panic. What kind of demon baby did that woman give birth to?

Then the nurse goes to the doctor and they reveal that the tube is actually the poster of The Cairo International Women’s Film Festival. Oh, that’s a relief! They pose next to it rather creepily as the woman who just gave birth to parchment smiles with relief. The end!

What on earth was that about? Not only is it sexist – CIWFF seems to have forgotten that women identify themselves with things other than child birth – but it also makes no sense whatsoever. Still, don’t take our word for it. See for yourselves.

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