Winnie Harlow: First Supermodel with Vitiligo Skin Disease!

Winnie Harlow made history when she first walked on Ashish’s Spring/Summer 2015 runway for the first time. She has made quite a name for herself in the fashion industry as she re-defined what it means to be an empowered Supermodel. Winnie continues to inspire all women around the world with her courage and beauty. Here are 5 reasons why we think she is s great source of inspiration.

Vitiligo didn’t break Winnie, it defined her

Winnie was diagnosed with a skin condition that leaves white patches over her body caused by loss of pigment. It’s not painful and it’s not contagious but it looks different. This supermodel has refused to let this break her and in 2014, she went on to participate in the infamous TV Reality Show ‘America’s Next Top Model’ when she became a fashion symbol.

She can rock any magazine cover she’s on

Magazine covers historically have been the platform for skinny flawless models, but with Winnie, we saw another type of beauty that should be celebrated.


Young girls look up to her

Winnie has become a great source of inspiration to all young girls who aren’t encouraged to appreciate their flaws. This fabulous icon has inspired artist Kay Black of Kay Customz Dolls to create Vitiligo and Albino-skinned dolls to teach children to embrace all skin tones.


She is changing beauty standards

There is no doubt that Winnie had put new standards for how beauty should look like, she is a constant reminder that beauty lies within imperfections. The runway Goddess reminds us that standing is definitely a beautiful and wonderful feeling.

Red Carpet muse

Winnie continues to surprise us with her fierce and flawless style! No one can forget how stunning she looked on the Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet in 2017 rocking it like a movie star.

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