Why do We Forgive Others? Is it for them or for our own Wellness?

Observing our day-to-day life, with all the constant changes and ups and downs in life gets me thinking of ways we can grow more positivity, and preserve ourselves from potentially getting hurt, or letting negative thoughts in. One of the most powerful ways –which I have mentioned in some of my articles before– is the ability to forgive and let go. This enables us to open other channels of positivity, and invite good thoughts and the right people into our lives.

The more we mature and understand life and our needs, the more we should bless our lives with forgiveness. As you may have heard before, when we forgive we do it not only for the other person –but primarily for our own sanity and wellness.

When we regularly train ourselves to wish people wellness, and consciously let go of feelings of anger and grudges we set ourselves free. It’s easier said than done, though. The more I practiced forgiveness, the more I understood why I could not let go of grudges before because, yes, it was a lot easier to hold on to my grudges.

We all know it requires persistence and patience to actually achieve anything of value in our lives; forgiveness is no different. The energetic connection and “backlog” of emotions we carry with us is even more difficult to let go of, and it takes time. Like the case with everything, when we put our heart into anything it works; when we do we will see that past unresolved issues and emotions –which we thought are long forgotten– actually change, and even get resolved by time.

Emotions are energy. In order to alter your energy you need to dig deeper and get to know yourself, to be able to make any kind of change.

This is good news for people who are ready to change their perspective of life. But it is understandable that some of us are less ready to deal with the outcomes. In both cases, it is worth thinking about –and figuring out– what is holding us back –or standing as a barrier– between what we really want, and our ability to do it. Sometimes we become familiar with our pain and discomfort after some time. If that shows anything, it proves the complexity of the work you need to do to actually move and shift your energy and emotions.

If I were to share something that is helping me, and many others, move forward and let go then it would be forgiveness.

Your ego may come into the equation, and question why and how you will be even forgiving. This is very common. Just be aware that when this happens you are starting the real healing. Ego only shows up when it feels threatened in an attempt to “protect” you from being hurt. However, in reality ego does not even exist; we create it, and we can very well control it if it became an obstacle to our healing journey. Don’t worry much about what others will say when you forgive; you don’t even need to tell the person. Remember you are doing this for yourself, and most importantly know that forgiving is different than accepting wrongdoings. You may not accept a situation, but the difference is that you don’t need to hold on to that situation or the negative emotions caused by it. This is about self-love, and valuing yourself with no anger taking over. There is no peace of mind without forgiveness and letting go of grudges. To attract more love into your life, you need to forgive and genuinely mean it and aim for it. Set yourself free; love yourself more. “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” Mahatma Gandhi.


Nada Rashed is a Complimentary Alternative Medicine Practitioner and Certified Reflexology Teacher, www.reflexologyegypt.com. She has a diploma in foot reflexology from Reflexology Association in Canada and later on specialized in different reflexology fields such as spinal reflexology, pregnancy, fertility, and hand reflexology. She also studied several courses in color healing. 



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