Who Rocked their Shades this Summer?

Sunglasses are an essential part of summer! There are all kinds of shapes, colors and trends, and at times you find yourself caught up in making a decision regarding which sunglasses to wear! So, to help you out, we brought you a list of women who rocked their sunglasses this summer, giving you a little nudge as to how you too can work each one.


Boldly See-Through Sunglasses

Sarah Afifi

Like the airy summer breeze is to your body, see-through and bold sunglasses give a nice and breezy, yet daring, feel to your morning summer look. We love how stylist Sarah Afifi captured the essence of these sunglasses here!


Architecturally Modern Sunglasses

Mariam Yehia

Say you’ll be spending your noon roaming the city. Then modern, half solid, half glassy sunglasses like the ones worn stylishly here by fashion designer Mariam Yehia will be the perfect mesh to your architecturally modern surroundings!


Colorfully Tearful Sunglasses

Yasmin Raeis

Capture drops of the ocean with a fiery hue adjustment, and go anywhere looking fashionably chic in your colorful tear sunglasses. These are amongst the trendiest sunglasses this summer, and actress Yasmin Raeis is owning them!


Circularly Edgy Sunglasses

Sherine Hamdy

Circular sunglasses have been trendy for a while now, but online presenter Sherine Hamdy is showing us how to edge it up! Simple outfits sometimes require that edgy accessory for a spiced up final touch. So why not do so in edgily circular sunglasses with thin illusionary floating frames?


Soulfully Quirky Sunglasses

Hadia Ghaleb

If you feel like expressing your artsy, unusual self, there is no better way to stylishly do so than by donning these soulfully quirky sunglasses. Here, fashionista and entrepreneur Hadia Ghaleb is slaying it with those gorgeous, quirky sunglasses!


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