What if a Disney Princess Married an Egyptian Man?

“Happily everafter” is the biggest joke we teach our young girls. They grow up living a huge lie that they will end up like the Disney princess they dreamed of becoming. Don’t get us wrong we are not being pessimistic, we are simply being realistic. Relationships are complicated, a Disney princess doesn’t drive the kids to soccer practice; she doesn’t go through the agony of what to cook for lunch, and she doesn’t hear the sentence all moms dread “mama I can’t find it”. We decided to put Disney princesses to the test, and see if they can endure getting married to an Egyptian prince.


Aladdin and Jasmine

We all know how super attached Jasmine is to her father.If Aladdin was Egyptian he would totally hate Friday gatherings at her father’s place.




Aurora and Prince Phillip

Teatime after lunch is a scared occasion in every Egyptian home. Would Aurora be up for the challenge?



Belle and the Beast  

Belle is an intelligent woman who loves reading, so she’s definitely going to be a successful full-time working mother. Making lunch won’t be a priority on her to do list; she is going to resort to the easiest option, which is cooking pané and pasta for lunch.


Cinderella and Prince Charming

Well, Cinderella had a valid reason for not staying late with Prince Charming at the ball. If Prince Charming was like most Egyptian men then he would not have let her stay late, let alone go back home by herself.



Snow White and The Prince

The Egyptian version of The Prince would totally be jealous of SnowWhite’s seven male friends, and he will definitely tell her to un-friend them on Facebook.

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