We are only the victims of our own thoughts and actions!

Everyone goes through tough times at some stage of their lives and it’s normal to feel sad, frustrated and depressed. However, only the wisest can find a way out, no matter how tough it gets.

Here are a few reminders to help motivate you and get you through what I prefer to call ‘CHALLENGES’ rather than ‘TOUGH TIMES’.

  • Acting like a victim has no benefits

Sometimes we tend to think that there is a conspiracy from the world to take us down and we are flawless and doing our best; but the truth is, we are only the victims of our own thoughts and actions. We get that feeling when things don’t happen the way we want and, in our minds we don’t want to blame ourselves, so the easiest way out is to play the victim.

Remember that playing the victim will not get you anywhere, so adjust your thoughts, talk to yourself, face your fears, don’t let your current challenges interfere with your potential future, and choose to be a victor not a victim.

  • Everything happen for a reason

We’ve all heard the saying ‘Everything happen for a reason’ and most people strongly believe in that. If we remember all the incidents that happened in our lives and their consequences and effects on us, we will find that only our ignorance or shortsighted vision get in the way of us knowing the exact reason why things happen.

Remember that each experience or struggle you go through will shape your personality and reform you into a better version only if you see it as an opportunity to grow, and no pain comes without a purpose.

  • Great things take time

You have been through a lot and life is only getting harder but, no matter how hard it may seem, success is achieved through a series of setbacks.

Never give up! Keep fighting and you will eventually know why it took so long. The reason will be revealed in time and remember that not getting what you want now can be a blessing.

  • Nothing is permanent

Nothing is permanent indeed; not our emotions, nor bodies or our wealth. While passing through hard times, we tend to think that these times will last forever and imprison ourselves in the current state. We do that because we cannot see the bigger picture so remember that no matter how hard the challenge you are facing is, it will end; that is a fact of life.

  • Anything is possible

In hard times, some of us lose faith and stop believing in ourselves and our abilities. But this does not mean we are weak, just that the circumstances we have been through were very hard. But if we start working hard and really believing that anything is possible, we will discover that we are stronger than we think.

So remember not to limit your capabilities, imagination or self-confidence; believe in life and create your own story while being kind to yourself.

  • Everyone is fighting their own battle

Some of us judge others according to their appearances and actions only, not realizing that everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about and maybe going through tough times that we just can’t see.

Remember that life is fair; it depends on your definition of fairness.

There is always something to be thankful for

Blessings are countless, we just take everything we have for granted and don’t value those things except when we lose them.

Remember to count your blessings in order to appreciate them and be positive about what you have and you will attract more positivity into your life.

Personal statement

One of life’s greatest gifts is when we are able to rise above the difficulties we face. Only then can we make a difference and reach our best and remember that life is the greatest gift we can ask for and we must live it as fully as possible.

  1. A really nice written article i enjoyed reading it a lot and its very beneficial as it tackles a very important topic that we all go thru nd giving advices how to get throught it in a nice way

  2. Spot on and to the point
    Great constructive overall picture
    Enjoyed reading these reminders
    Thank you 🙂

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