We all love olive oil, but did you know your summer body can benefit so much from it?


Salad Dressing for Glowing Skin

It’s rich in Vitamin E, making it great for your skin. Fasting dehydrates your skin and who wouldn’t want a glowing complexion on the beach? A little extra olive oil on your tabboula will revive your parched skin!

Beach Body? Yes, Please!

You can enjoy Ramadan while getting your beach body on! Olive oil has fewer calories than other alternatives; it’s great for diet food.

Eat Light; Travel Light

It’s great for your heart, which will come in handy when you travel. Use olive oil in your baking instead of butter and see the difference!

Eat yourself to Rapunzel Hair!

Your locks will thank you for having zaatar and olive oil sandwiches. Fasting is exhausting and it’ll take its toll on your hair . Olive oil is great for your hair.

Survive Suhour

Olive oil can help you sleep better. Add olive oil to your foul during sohour to sleep better!

Nail Strengthening Iftar

An extra drizzle of olive oil on your waraa’ ‘enab means no more broken nails! Olive oil is a miracle cure for weak nails.

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