Vodafone Egypt Celebrates International Women’s Day through Reinforcing Employability Opportunities for Women

Vodafone Egypt

In light of International Women’s Day, Vodafone Egypt is tailoring a variety of employability opportunities to advocate for women’s empowerment on their special day. Vodafone Egypt wants to enable women to have a steady income while jumpstarting their careers in their eligible fields. The two initiatives in-store will be in the form of training programs to pave the way for their professional journey on two levels. The first one is mastering the skills of freelancing, and the second is attaining full-time jobs despite being away from the business field for a while.


Vodafone Egypt has always been one of the top brands that advocates and stands for women’s empowerment. Its female workforce makes up 33% of the company’s employees with 40% in leading senior positions. Alongside Vodafone Egypt’s constant support to rising entrepreneurs and SMEs through Begin platform that connects them to freelancers. The number one network is dedicating Begin’s services to grant a total of 3000 women freelancing training opportunities.

Such training is designed to enlighten its participants about the know-how of freelancing. It will dive deep into the freelancing foundations including; financial literacy, consultancy, Search Engine Optimization, and other necessary skills. They are set to enrich their experience as well as broaden their scope of knowledge. Begin serves as the ultimate hub that gathers a wide array of SMEs & SOHOs with different specializations. It moves forward with the aim to connect them with the youth seeking freelancing jobs to attain a win-win situation for both parties.

The Returnship Program

Vodafone Egypt is also targeting another segment this year, which is the women who have been absent from the work field for quite some time and looking forward to returning back. The number one network has launched the Returnship program by granting them a return ticket to resume their professional journey. This distinctive program will allow these women to have a graceful return through an extensive 6-month training duration. It is applicable in various departments. It is also suitable for all kinds of skills including human resources, finance, technology, customer care, and others.

This eye-opening program will educate them about the trending technologies and how the current market is operating. It will also equip them with the necessary resources and skills that would enable them to make a graceful come back to the work field. The company is also planning to hire those who show potential and excel throughout their training in their respective department. While also teaching all participants about embracing change through instilling intellectual flexibility.

Vodafone Egypt’s striving efforts for women’s empowerment have always been evident in various initiatives to support and celebrate women. It never ceases to showcase its unwavering belief in what women can achieve in any field of expertise.


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