UGOTBOX: The Brands You Love At Your Doorstep


How often were you in a situation like this: You tried a kind of Shampoo while abroad once, got addicted, and had to stock up on it on your way back to Egypt. Then, you ran out (as you do), and thought you’d just order it online, only to be smacked with a shipping fee more expensive than the shampoo itself and the shipping company losing it in the end? Well, UGOTBOX is here to tell you you don’t have to give up on your dream shampoo! Because they’ll be bringing it right to your doorstep without you having to sell a kidney to pay the shipping fee.

So, what is UGOTBOX? 

It’s the Egyptian Post Office’s new project that gives you the chance to shop til you drop from abroad without all the hassle. UGOTBOX gives you a Tax-free US shipping address -which will save you 7% of the product’s price- and 30 days of free storage. 

So basically, you get to browse as many US online shops as you want and pick whatever products you like -from shampoo to your husband’s dream watch- store it all in one place, and have it all shipped to your doorstep at once. It’s like your own private warehouse minus the storage cost!     


You can use the tax-free US shipping address while checking out from any US online store. That way, you’ll all your purchases in one place. And, with one click, you get all of them in one box and shipped to your doorstep in Egypt! You’ll save up to 80% on shipping, domestic, and clearance fees. Oh yes, UGOTBOX will handle customs clearance! 

Why you should check it out

This initiative is all about simplifying the shopping from abroad process. By compiling as many orders as possible into one shipping experience, you save all around. And, it’s through a reliable brand rather than a shady Facebook group. UGOTBOX is backed by the most credible shipping entity in Egypt, the Post Office. It has 20 years of eCommerce experience to vouch for it. 

Moreover, there’ll be no surprises while using UGOTBOX. You’ll get full transparency; shipping fees are included at checkout and the customs fees will be provided by customer service before completing the order. Also, you’ll get notifications and emails with live updates about where your goodie-box is at all times.


The best part about all of this is that this is all accessible through their Website, which is certainly user-friendly, check it out here. Not to mention that they have quality customer service dedicated to providing you with all the information you might need. 

So, go get your shampoo! And, click here to check out UGOTBOX’s Instagram for the latest offers and trends. Happy shopping! 



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