Travelling Post Breakups. Where to Break Away…

Sometimes, you just have to get away from it all, to escape from everyone & disconnect from everything, especially following a disastrous breakup, when your wounds are fresh and memories at home are omnipresent, when your family’s and friends’ pitiful look remind you of your failing relationship.

Getting some serious space is crucial, it will help you stand up on your feet again, heal, move on and realize that you’d rather be single than being in a depressing relationship where cons outweighs pros and that being single is not the end of the world.

So put down all the chocolates, and fattening so called “mood enhancers”, stop watching romantic comedies & dramas, quit complaining to your friends 24/7, get off that couch, pack your suitcase, and book a ticket…

Just escape.

However you have to be very cautious when choosing your destination, the last thing you want is selecting one that is designed for couples; romantic cities, islands, and honeymoon spots,  activities that require a partner, or anything that has the “I need my significant other” feeling.

Pick some place that offers a challenge, join a daring experience, learn a new skill, climb a mountain, hike a scenic trek. Here are some ideas that will blow off your mind, yet will put an end to the “getting over my ex” chapter.

Meditate with Buddhist monks in South Korea through joining a Temple stay program ( in one of the country’s dazzling temples, to be given the chance to follow their daily rituals, along with activities to promote self-reflection.


Shake that belly by taking Belly Dancing classes in Istanbul -Turkey- (, without missing some traditional Turkish pampering in one of its oldest hammams (

Stay away from humans, because staying around animals can be more rewarding. How about Gorilla trekking in Rwanda or Uganda? A once in a lifetime experience that will give you a true adrenaline rush. It will take adventure to another level, as you will be spotting gorillas, getting up close and personal to such beautiful creatures, without any fences or limitations.


Travel for a cause by joining a 2 weeks to 6 months volunteering program in Peru, not only you will be doing a good deed, but you will learn new skills, whether through building houses, teaching languages, working at an orphanage or jungle conservation, in addition to learning some Spanish, to be living and dealing with locals on daily basis, and hiking one of the world’s top hikes; the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.


Master Italy’s top happiness-inducing food, in the Gelato capital “Bologna”: in 2 weeks, you will be able to invent your own flavors, hand-blend your desired ingredients, learn how to use the machines to swirl and freeze your masterpiece, while given all the necessary tips to start your own Gelateria back home (

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