This is Forty: Time to Stop Lying About Our Age?

Have you ever won­dered why some wom­en lie about their age? I keep asking myself:

why do we feel embarrassed to say how old we are? Why are we constantly in a position where we feel ashamed of growing old­er? Well, let me tell you that the only thing we should be ashamed of is the way society labels older women.

We always hear it, we always say it: old is gold.

 Women all over the world have a clear and conscious awareness towards growing old. It is by far most women’s greatest fear. So­ciety has created an obsession with youth and beauty. I don’t understand: why is it assumed that wrinkles and gray hair make you less of a woman? I personally believe that women are mainly shaped by the number of experiences they have in life. In fact, the older they get the better their de­cisions become. The sum of feelings and emotions that women go through over the years make them mature not “old”.

Women should be allowed to dream and have ambitions at any point in their lives. They should not be constantly reminded that their age is hindering them. The growing pressure that older wom­en are less capable is completely false because -in reality- over the years, women actually master everything they do. Go ahead and ask yourself: how many times did older women impress you? How many times have you looked up to a successful or a beauti­ful woman, and wished this is you in ten or twenty years? How many times have we heard stories of older women who are world champions or multinational CEOs? In fashion, sports, media, and the workplace older women are truly excelling. Hence, age is not the problem -our mindset is.

The social and cultural conversation on women and aging is grow­ ing louder every single day. Older women face challenges every day, due to the social stigma that they are less capable or less  beauti­ful. We shall not fall victim to the notions of society on women and aging. We need to  develop the courage and understanding that we are enough. You should not feed the monster inside you convincing you that you are done. You have so much life in you, and you should not waste it.  Find your purpose and let it drive you. Be confident in who you are be­ cause every year that passes from your life is an asset.

We always hear it, we always say it: old is gold.

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