Things I Never Thought I’d Say Until I became a Mommy!

Being a mother is one of the most fulfilling things one can ever experience. It’s a lifetime of nourishment, learning and creating special, unbreakable bonds with your child. That is not all; there’s also the comic relief. Mommies find themselves saying things they never in a million years would have thought they’d say. Sure, at the time of the event it might feel  frustrating, but it brings along many laughs. The Mommy Club asked mommies to tell us the strangest things they’ve ended up saying to their children, and the results are quite fascinating. Who of us can say they’ve ever had to say…


“The pan is too small for you to sit in”

mommy club 9

Gihan Mahmoud’s little one is full of innocent curiosity. And sometimes this brings out the funniest commands out of her. Other than the pan incident, she found herself saying “this isn’t daddy. He’s the delivery boy”. 


“Take the rice out of your ears”

mommy club 4

Heba Abou El Eid’s child evidently tries to blur the lines between household items and toys. That’s why in addition to the rice statement, Heba finds herself saying things like, “the grater is not a toy”, “get off the book case”, “get out of the fridge” and last but not least, “we don’t run around the house naked”. 


“Don’t spit on grandma”

mommy club 3

Rania R Kerdahi is raising an adorable little rebel. Other than the spitting on grandma command, Rania’s child had her saying things like, “don’t eat hair out of the vacuum cleaner”, “don’t slap daddy”, and, “don’t hit the girl with the pan”. 


“Don’t sit on your baby brother”

mommy club 2

Menna Nounou’s little one is discovering his surroundings still. Sometimes, he gets a little carried away. Sitting on his brother aside shows only one side of his endearing mischief. The time she had to say, “don’t stick your hand in the toilet” shows a whole new side!


“Don’t eat my foot”

mommy club 10

Marwa Ahmed’s kid seems to have a little hand-to-mouth action going on. She didn’t only need to ask him not to eat her foot, but also, “take that shoe out of your mouth”, “don’t eat the crayons”, “don’t eat the walls”, and, “don’t eat paper”. The worst incident of all did not involve eating; thank God! This is when she had to say, “I told you to tell me when you need to poop. Why did you have to do it in the tub during your bath? Ew!”


“Don’t eat your diaper cream”

mommy club 1

Ala’a A Saleh’s little one is a reminder to us all that sometimes, children will do things for no reason whatsoever. There needn’t be a logical thought process behind it. Other than eating his diaper cream, Ala’a’s kid has once had her say, “stop hitting me in the face with the rubber band”. 


“I swear to God the puzzle piece won’t fit in my nostril”

mommy club 7

Doaa  Alian’s little one seems to be curious about the human body. The only way he can learn is through trial and error. Only why stick something up his nose when he can do that to his poor mommy?


“I’ll count to three, then you’ll see what I’ll do”

mommy club 6

Madonna Sherif’s child had her make the empty threat all parents do at one point or another in their lives. Madonna admits that she never ends up doing anything.


“Don’t eat the cat”

mommy club 5

We have a feeling that Dina Ibrahim’s kid has a mischievous imaginary friend a la Drop Dead Fred. Judging by the things she’s had to say, such as, “don’t put food in your hair”, “don’t bite or lick mommy”, and again, “leave the damned cat alone”, we’re betting there’s never a dull moment.


“Mommy’s deodorant is not candy”

mommy club 8

Sometimes, your child gets into the habit of scaring the hell out of you for kicks. Hoda Gharib’s little one not only had her explaining how her deodorant isn’t candy, but also had her say, “get out of the medicine drawer”, which isn’t only dangerous because this means the child is around all the medicine, but also because how can they get in such a tight spot?






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