The Ugly Truth about working in A Women’s Magazine

Whenever we say we work at What Women Want… Magazine, people automatically get the idea that it’s the most glamorous job in the world. They imagine something like this takes place whenever we step into the office.

They’re wrong.

And that is okay. In fact, it’s more than okay. It’s better. And today, we decided to break down all the stereotypes about working in a women’s magazine. Here are some facts that very few people know.


These Heels are Not Made for Walking


Unless we really have to, we won’t wear heels. As a matter of fact, we can tell that one of us has a meeting or an event coming up if she dresses up. We work your usual 8 hours a day, just like everyone else. And that’s if we’re lucky. Most of the time we have to move all over Cairo for press conferences, events, restaurant openings or any other errand. And that’s why, whenever we have the chance, we show up with zero makeup, in boyfriend jeans and the t-shirt with the most sarcastic quote. So whenever people say “Oh I’m sure you dress up and look great every day for work” We’re like


“You go out for a living! You can’t complain!”


Now this one, we get all the time. If we ever complain about having too many events to go to, we get bombarded with things like “boo hoo, you have to go out!” as if we’re spoiled brats. What people don’t know is it’s exhausting. Most of the time, we just want to stay home and watch Breaking Bad. 


Our Lives are Not a Constant Party


By the end of each week, we’re too exhausted to actually go out. So, unless we’re working from home, we indulge in things we can’t do during the week.


Hair and Makeup skills < Grammar and typing Skills


No, we don’t know what you should do about your acne, you should probably see a dermatologist. We’re just like you! We get split ends, we struggle to get in our favorite pair of jeans and we’re not exactly sure we understand why neon lipstick is so popular. What we can tell you is that your grammar is appalling and that you should be ashamed. We’ll tell you that with the speed of 100 words per minute.


We are Not Pampered


In Egypt, no one can be. Say we have an interview in Downtown Cairo. Driving there would be disastrous, and taking a cab would most likely mean missing our appointment. So we have to resort to public transportation.


We’re not Girly Girls


And you don’t want to get on our bad side.


But we do Like Girly Things


Whenever we receive makeup packages, it feels like Christmas.


It’s not always Garden Salad and Starbucks


Do you remember that scene in The Devil Wears Prada when everyone was ordering their coffee from Starbucks? Imagine that, only the orders are being made from the nearest “fool” cart. 

Breakfast of the champions.


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