The Thin Line Between Madness and Beauty

Since day one, plastic surgeries have been portrayed as women’s ultimate solution for beauty. Numerous women fell in its claws, thinking “why not some change?” But unfortunately, it’s not always a beautiful life. Countless catastrophes are being detected because of plastic surgeries, and someone had to do something to stop that.

Inspired by a global campaign, Egyptian artists have cooperated together executing a woman-empowering campaign called ‘MADNESS’ or ‘BEAUTY’. The campaign aims to make women aware of their real beauty, and reduce the percentage of plastic surgeries.

In an inspiring photo shoot, the model Engy Omar was portrayed as one of the plastic surgeries’ victims. The shoot was produced by 35mm Creative Studios, in cooperation with makeup artist Mai Ayman, stylist Hoda Wahba and photographer Nader Abdo.

Because there’s a fine line between aiming to reach beauty and not knowing when enough is enough, MADNESS campaign points out three important questions any woman should ask herself before taking a life-changing decision. They are, “How far do we have to go to be perceived as beautiful?”, “Who do we allow to dictate to us whether we are beautiful or not?” and “Is it all worth it at the end?”

In a world full of Kardashians, be a Diana; be you and be real. Every woman is beautiful in her own way. So accept your own beauty, without giving up to any beauty standard a society decides just because it only says so.

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