Lip Plumping Miracle? The Decision is Yours

Who can blame women for wanting fuller lips? With stars like Angelina Jolie, Beyonce and Kylie Jenner flaunting their full lips (some natural, others not), it’s become more and more popular to have plump, full lips. And not everyone wants to go under the knife, or needle, to get plump lips, either. 

That’s why a new trend is on the rise when it comes to lip plumping. We’ll give you hints. It’s not injections, implants, or even lip plumping products. This year’s craze and plumping sensation is…




Not pacifiers. Fullips! This product basically works like a vacuum would if you were to place it on your mouth. It provides suction which makes your lips swell up for a couple of hours. You buy the product which suits your lip size the most and plump away.

It’s affordable considering that it’s not disposable. It’s also more or less hassle free when compared to going under the knife, but we’re still not exactly sure it’s a good idea to use it frequently. Blood circulation isn’t something to be taken lightly. 

Still, no one can deny that women are loving it. Reviews of the product are coming up all over the internet. Fullips, after all, seems like the least drastic choice. That being said, we’re not sure beauty is worth vacuuming our lips. We’re leaning more towards accepting our regular lips (and occasionally overdrawing them).


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