The Save-5-minutes-a-Day Shopping List

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All Up and Ready

  • The radio/ alarm clock
  • The cleansing/scrub/mask (all in one) pot
  • The very famous shampoo and conditioner 2 in 1
  • Why hand cream, face cream, body cream and feet cream when Vaseline works perfect head to toe?
  • The boiler/cooler: your coffee is a sip away!
  • The eye-shadow/blush/lipstick pot
  • SPF makeup: no need to wear sunblock, wait till it dries, then apply makeup


Row, Row, Row your car

o       Hands-Free: if you can’t actually make your trip shorter, you might as well start working during the killing jam.

o       Parking Subscription: avoid the hassle of finding a parking slot on that Sunday morning when your boss isn’t feeling that blissful.


Work it out

  • A filofax organizer: keep everything planned before hand
  • The Laptop and beyond: I know it doesn’t need a genius to figure it out but very few of us milk those tools that save us ages of working


Miracle Home Tools

o       Ready to boil soup packet

o       Half made cordon bleu, sambousak, chicken breasts, drumsticks and wings,…etc

o       Ravioli cans (you only need to heat it)

o       Salad packs, if you don’t have the privilege to choose what you should add in your salad bowl, a couple of companies prepared a sealed platter with 2 tomatoes, 2 cucumbers, 2 capsicums, 2 carrots and a chilli pepper.

o       Salad dressings

o       Chopped, trimmed, cubed or sliced vegetables

o       Marinated Sheesh Tawook

o       Simple Recipes Books

o       All easy to clean working tops, pans, or saucers

o       Labels: you don’t need to sniff all your spices to bring coriander

o       DIY (Do-it-yourself) projects: if you think about it, you’ll save yourself a lot of time, money and fuss if you don’t bring workers home

o       Stain Removers (for clothes, and also there’s an excellent one for stoves that removes sticky stains overnight without you moving a thumb)

o       Toilet Seats for kids instead of the potty, you’ll only need to flush it away.

o       Separate Laundry bags

Chilling Out

  • Hair Color Shampoo, quick to wear, quick to remove!
  • A corsage: a super instant up-lifter for any outfit you’re wearing for multiple outings on the same day. 
  • Magazines with restaurants, cafes, and movies reviews; don’t waist your time in the new James Bond Movie.
  • Purchase online/on-the-phone tickets and you’ll never have to wait in the endless lines.
  • Maps and travel guides: I once waited for a metro in the French metro-station for 45 minutes only to find out that there are no rides after 11 pm! I depended on another waiting family on the other side of the station who I discovered to be tourists, too.
  • A pocket mirror will save you unnecessary trips to the restrooms.
  • Less complicated pushchairs for kids under 4.
  • A Grooming Travel Kit for your husband will make packing much easier.


Chilling In

  • Flowers for décor and captivating aroma at the same time
  • Bookmarks: I’ve seen artistic and authentic ones all over Cairo
  • TV Guides
  • A Camera with a memory card. You can print your pictures, a minute after you capture them.
  • Exercise Ball. You can sit on it while you’re watching TV to work out your abdominal muscles.
  • A Tea Table with a boiler, mugs, tea, coffee, and sugar in the living room


Sleeping Beauty

  • A shower tray with all your stuff neatly on, to avoid collecting them from all drawers, shelves and boxes before bedtime baths
  • An extra soft and fluffy blanket will get you sleepy before you realize it.
  • Read What Women Want, how could you have possibly saved time writing this shopping list?
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