The One-meal-a-day Myth

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It is worth mentioning that exactly this one meal usually wraps up a stressful day. It doesn’t stop at this; most people tend to take a nap or rest after this meal, which totally aggravates the problem in question. Many people complain that in spite of eating only one meal per day, they fail to change their body composition and/or lose weight. Often people concentrate solely on losing weight or achieving a target weight without concentrating on whether they have lost body fat or precious muscle tissue.


Bottom-line: if you are losing weight without a decrease in the percentage of body fat and the weight of body fat your skeleton is carrying, then you need to modify your diet/exercise regimen or change your nutritionist.


One meal a day sometimes even adds de-motivating inches to the waist and hip area, thus clearly steering away from the aspired shape. The scientific explanation for this misconception is as follows: when solely depending on eating a single meal per day, the human organism shifts automatically to the so-called starvation mode, lowering the metabolism in order to minimize the amount of calories burned. This enables the body to store as much as possible as a preparation for the expected long term fasting period. As a result, this high single meal caloric intake will skyrocket the amount of fat stored. It also causes indigestion and sometimes even dizziness as the blood supply is deviated from the brain and extremities (peripheral circulation) and directed in a concentrated manner to the digestive system. As a result, hair and nails will receive insufficient mineral supply which affects the appearance and health almost immediately.


In contrast to this, eating several balanced meals per day keeps the possibility of storing unhealthy fat to a minimum, as the human organism will be constantly burning calories in order to generate energy thus keeping the metabolism on permanent high revs. Indigestion and dizziness are rare phenomena in the multiple balanced meals per day nutrition plan. Hair and nails in this case will receive continuous supply of minerals and vitamins which will protect and nourish them.


Last but not least, it should be mentioned that a large meal will evoke a heavy insulin surge, which will simplify the storage of fat thus accentuating the slogan:  one meal per day will harm you anyway!



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