The Laziness of the Soul


It’s amazing how we begin as a sperm and end as dust. In between, we are formed of various touchable and untouchable things that makeus a person. We are all born for a purpose and throughout our life journey, we sometimes fail to recall the real reason behind our creation.

Sloth is one of the 7 deadly sins that was spoken about by all religions. Neglecting what God has spoken, we are being physically and emotionally lazy. Neglecting the energy that God provided us with, we are choosing laziness over work. A lot of people lately are so frustrated by what’s going on in the world on a social and political level. It’s hard to raise a family, we work until our bones collapse and we aren’t paid what we really deserve. Hypocrisy is eating us alive and the worst is yet to come. As a result, a lot of people chose to ignore everything and live in a bubble taking care of their own business while being thankful. Others decided to burn it all up and weep over spilled milk for the rest of their lives.

In a book by the late Egyptian Scientist and Author Dr. Moustafa Mahmoud “Anasheed El Ethm Weh El Baraa” – which I highly recommend– there was a full chapter that spoke about suicide. Dr. Moustafa, a former atheist, said that the reason God prohibited suicide is because the person chooses the evil, giving it permission to have the final call and full control. He also added that a suicide attempt is a result of a person choosing only his point of view in life, living in a moment ofd ictatorship and blind intolerance where he doesn’t see or hear except himself. He says that we all have several spirits, sometimes we have a spirit that speaks with injustice, tempting us to evil and desire and another spirit that persuade us to goodwill. The rest of the spirits revolve around these two kinds. He adds that all souls experience ups and downs, sometimes they rise to inspiration and other times they fall down into complete darkness but at the end our souls are meant to settle to their natural and eternal reality.

Our generation was a little bit lucky to experience a great childhood and greater teenage years. With globalization catching Egypt, everyone had a booklet of checklists to mark before 30 or 40. Today, frustration and dissatisfaction controlled our lives. There are no more checklists or bucket lists, everything has been locked up in a dark tunnel. Choices are very limited and fear is in control. But the fear of waking up in the next decade, finding that we wasted our lives swinging in between TV channels and refreshing our social media homepages rings the alarm!

Take a few minutes of your time and try to get out of your body, your system, your life and look down on your life that you’re going to live only once. You’ll find that you owe your talents and gifts a lot, you owe your family and friends and most importantly, you owe yourself. I believe that on Judgment Day, everyone will be asked alone on how they wasted their lives and I don’t believe that “we weren’t born at the right time” will be a good excuse.

It’s time to live in parallel to the real world, because to tell you the truth, quality of life has expired. This is a palpable fast world that will win the race against your life timer.

Let’s run from the evil in the mirror and start any life we choose.

Act Now! 

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