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Rage Comics

We’ve previously explained how rage characters are not memes, but what are rage characters and rage comics? Despite what they’re called, they’re not all about someone goes into rage mode. The comics go as far back as 2008 when a 4chan user made a comic ending with a man, so enraged he yells “FUUUU”. Thus, the name “rage guy” was made, and other rage characters came along later. The characters all came from different users and were drawn using MS Paint mostly. Rage comics are a way for people to express themselves in a funny and relatable way. Plenty of rage comic generators exist nowadays, so making rage comics has become far more common.



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Pellek Regardless of what kind of music you are into, you will love Pellek’s YouTube channel. The Norwegian musician does power metal covers of pop songs, Disney songs, all-time classics, and even anime intros! Check out his YouTube channel, Pellekofficial. 

LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach  Egypt has a prevalent smoking problem. And if you’re one of those who do smoke, you’ll love this application. It is available on iTunes, and it creates a personalized way to help the user quit smoking. The app is physician approved, and aims to make the user comfortably stop smoking. 


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We Find the Lack of Star Wars Emojis Disturbing

And Twitter fixed it! We now have Star Wars emojis and they are adorable. You only need to use the appropriate hashtags, and they will show up right away. #C3P0, #STORMTROOPER, and #BB8 are the ones that have come out so far.


New Country? Sign us Up

The internet was taken by storm yet again, by Egyptian hopefuls who want to immigrate to Liberland. After the announcement of the new country requiring new citizens, Egyptians started sharing jokes on social media. Almost immediately there were hundreds of memes made and shared by Egyptians on the topic.


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