The Future of Egyptian Fashion has begun

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What do you get when you mix a hungry female-consumer market and a spoonful of social networking? Fashion blogging, of course!  The internet has given rise to a whole new breed of fashion guru: the internet style icon via blogs. These days, you no longer have to be a celebrity or a model for people to notice you; you just need to be a fashion enthusiast happy to put yourself on the line, online.



Happy to connect herself to the world of the blogosphere is Nadine Sabry, creator of FashionThreads, a blog dedicated to assisting the Egyptian fashionista’s never-ending endeavor to find fashion inspiration in Egypt.



It is a known fact that niche markets flourish on the web, and even though fashion is a broad and diverse subject, being able to target women with interests in shopping, lifestyle, health, and beauty is a trend that stems from the glossy publications, such as the one you’re currently holding. Magazine articles have long captured the eyes and attention of women who enjoy keeping up with the latest buzz; add the interactive component of blogging and interaction to the mix, and you have the recipe for success in this media-driven world.



Seeking to fill the gap of the fashion niche in Egypt, Nadine created the blog secretly in late 2008/early 2009 in hopes of promoting fashion here in Egypt and as a creative outlet in her hectic working life.



 “Fashion has always been my hobby,” she noted, “the blog doesn’t require a lot, but it’s a way to express myself.”



The majority of the blog is devoted to promoting local designers and boutiques, which allows for her readers to constantly be kept in the “loop” of what’s happening in the Egyptian fashion-scene.



Growing up in Egypt, but constantly traveling abroad, Nadine has been immersed in the fashion scene across the globe. She realized that although working in finance, she could somehow tie in her love for fashion into a past-time, which she hopes will soon lead into something bigger and brighter in the near future.



 “I just want to get people [in Egypt] interested in fashion,” Nadine says. However, she doesn’t lose sight of her business education, constantly including words such as ‘target audience,’ which just proves that she is really dedicated into this burgeoning business of blogs.



Designers, trends and hemlines rise and fall, but obviously in Nadine’s case, the love affair between fashion and the internet is forever.

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