The 5 Magical Interior Solutions

With the emerging populations comes rising buildings with small interior spaces. Whether an apartment or a one-floor house, today, most of the interiors are with small areas. But with present-day interior solutions, you can benefit from all the available space. Here are tips on how you can execute this.


  1. Light Colors

This one is obvious. We were all taught in school about the color effect of anything. Accordingly, we apply it in interiors. Light colors broaden the area. It also adds a sense of serenity to your home. Add it to the main furniture pieces, sofas and chairs or even rugs and carpets. Go White, grey, pastels and neutrals.


  1. Calm Patterns

The same goes for the patterns: if you want a subtle interior, don’t go extreme with the wall and fabric patterns. Try to have a maximum of two coordinating patterns, with maximum of two colors to add drama –yet keeping the room fresh and faint. Hint: this year’s trend is floral patterns.


  1. Minimalism

With Scandinavian designs breaking into modern interior this won’t be a concern. Go for straight clean lines in your furniture. Arcs, loops and bends in furniture are pleasant, but better to avoid if you need to acquire a spacious area. Also, don’t pile on the sofa cushions and home accessories. Remember: straight, clean lines.


  1. Shelving

This one is sneaky. Some interiors have slender walls. If you have a lot to store it would be tricky and bulky to hang a boxed wall unit. Alternately, use shelves. Try simple shelves, mounted on the wall atop each other according to your need, but try not to clutter the stored items. It can also be in geometric arrangement to add scenery. Match the shelf color to your room’s color scheme.


  1. Multipurpose furniture

This can be very useful. You don’t have to possess all the furniture details separately. Present-day furniture design is innovatory. A Sofa bed, a table stool, a folding wall desk or a stacked set of coffee tables. Use your imagination.

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I am Shereen Shaheen, the mother of two. I am an engineer, with a double major in civil engineering and interior design. I am also a digital marketer. I decided to pursue the interior design career after graduating college. So I studied interior design in the New York Institute of Art and Design. @interiorkeys  
This is my account were I post my work and also some inspiration and information for all decor related projects.
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