Take the Time Machine to the Fall/Winter 2015-2016 Collections

In a world where everything is moving forward, fashion seems to be doing the opposite, going back to earlier eras has been a trend for many seasons and seems to only be getting stronger. The fall/winter 2015/16 fashion is definitely riding a time machine.

Let’s take you through the major designers, so you ladies can know ur key pieces for this season.


Trend #1: BOHO ‘60s Hippie Fashion

Historically, boho is quite a young style, having originated as such in the ‘60s. It’s the style of the artists, the style of free and beautiful people.

Key Elements:

Rich and earthy colors.

Luxe, maxi silhouettes.

Flowy, mini silhouettes.

Lush embellishments and embroideries

Patchwork, tapestry, ethnic and folk motifs.

Accessories: wool hats; over the knee boots;  faux-fur or shearling vest; a suede, velvet, or wool cape, fringed, embroidered, or embellished.

Celebrity Inspiration: Sienna Miller

The best designers that featured the Boho Trend this season are: Burrbery Prosrum, Valentino, Anna Sui, Just Cavalli, Giamba, Etro, Mathew Williamson, and Dsquared2

Get the look:

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Fashion Trend #2: 1970s Are Big Again

The 1970’s fashion continues to inspire. Ever-evolving, the 70s philosophy is now focused on timeless sophistication, luxe being the word fit to best describe its revival.

Key Elements:

Romantic Silouhettes, rich, luxurious prints in darker tones.

Sexy cut-outs, deep plunging necklines, or high slits.

Sheer lace and weightless, see-through fabrics.

Fur-sleeved coats to embroidered parkas.

Hippie fringing.

Luxurious suede.

Flare pants.

Accessories: lace-up knee-high and fringed ankle boots; color blocked high-heeled ankle boots; faux-fur scarves; suede sandals and statement necklaces.

Celebrity Inspiration: Cher

The best designers that featured the 70’s Trend this season are: Alexandre Vauthier, Chloe, Anna Sui, Lanvin, Mattew Williamson

Get the look:

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Trend #3: Punk Rock

Punk fashion can be applied to numerous areas including jewelry, hairstyles, cosmetics, and clothing. It has been influenced by a variety of subcultures and has, in turn, influenced many as well. It wasn’t until the 1980s that it began to be produced in mass and sold in stores.

Key Elements:

Ripped jeans.

Mini Skirts with torn tights.

Chains and Head to Toe Leather.

Red plaid.

Body-hugging mini dresses.

Accessories: Black leather gloves; a big black belt and a massive necklace.

Celebrity Inspiration: Cara Delevingne

The best designers that featured the Punk Rock Trend this season are: Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, Givenchy, and Elie Saab.

Get the look:

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Trend #4: Victorian

Victorian fashion comprises the various trends in British culture that emerged and developed throughout the Victorian era, roughly 1830s to 1900s.

Key Elements:

Ruffles and High Collars.

Precious Fabrics.

floor-sweeping skirts.

Fine lace.

Dramatic Silhouettes.

Midi skirts.

Body-hugging mini dresses.

Accessories: Gothic Rings; Appliquéd Boots; Floral Necklaces; Embossed and Jeweled Clutches.

Celebrity Inspiration: Olivia Palermo

The best designers that featured the Victorian Trend this season are: Valentino, Oscar de la Renta, Chanel, Alexander McQueen.

Get the look:

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Trend #5: The 80’s

The Eighties closet was akin to a children’s fun house: colourful, bright and loud. Very, very loud.
Key Elements:

Shoulder Pads.

Wild Child: Black eyes, spiked heels, ripped tights, slashed leather.

Frilly Collars (Princess Diana popularised the frilly collar).

Quilted puffer jacket.

Lego Bright colors.

Basketball vest dresses.

Patchwork denim jackets.

Accessories: Bumbags; Big Earings; chain belts; layers and layers of gold slogan chains.

Celebrity Inspiration: Barbie

The best designers that featured the 80’s  Trend this season are: Loewe, Saint Laurent, Balmain, J.W Anderson, Alexandre Vauthier, Versage and Moschino.

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Trend #6: Oriental

The interest in the Eastern merchandise has been present in Europe for a long time; already in the 17th century there was a real trend for “Chinoiserie”, a new predilection for all that was exotic. Soon, during the second half of the 18th century, “Japonisme” replaced the “Chinoiserie” trend.

Key Elements:

The Kimono Jacket.

Oriental Floral.

Luxe gold brocade on silky fabrics.

Embroided dresses.

Fabrics Embellished with birds or flowers using silver and gold thread.

Accessories: Fans; Sequin Belts; Long Tussel Accessories; Embellished Bags.

Celebrity Inspiration: Fan Bingbing

The best designers that featured the Oriental Trend this season are: Mary Katrantzou, Topshop Unique, Huishan Zhang, Diane von Furstenberg, Andrew Gn, Erdem, Gucci, Valentino, Roberto Cavalli, Marques’Almeida, Simon Rocha

Get the look:

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