Staying in Shape with Samira Khalil

Global Head Instructor of Cheerobics, Samira Khalil knows a thing or two when it comes to fitness and nutrition. So she was the perfect person to help us with our struggles to stay in shape this Ramadan!

What is your number one favourite Ramadan exercise?
My favourite is running.

Are there any exercises that you would suggest people avoid during Ramadan?
I would advise them to stay away from very heavy weight training. Or really increasing their heart rate too much.

What food would you recommend to stay more hydrated throughout the day?
Fruits and vegetables are really high in water. So anything that comes from nature and grows on a tree is loaded with nature.

What is your top tip to stop yourself gaining weight during Ramadan?
Move more! And to eat in a balanced way.

What is the best time of day to do a workout during Ramadan?
There is no best time. But after iftah by three hours minimum.

How do you balance staying fit with family gatherings?
It can be difficult. But you book your time to yourself like you schedule gatherings with friends, it is how you plan what you should do, what you love to do. You put like six dates that you have to do a workout whether there is a gathering or not.

What is your favourite Sohour Dish?
Yoghurt and anything with good protein like boiled eggs, and one fruit.

Do you prefer Iftar at home or out and about?
I prefer Iftar at home because I can control everything, I can prepare my meals in advance, so I can avoid processed food. Sometimes I take food to gatherings so that I can maintain a balance.

What is your favourite guilty pleasure desert?
Definitely Basbousa!

What is your favourite Ramadan series of all time?
That is a very tough question, I love so many of them! I think ‘Al Kabeer’.

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