Shopping With A Cause: Brands That Give Back

Every once in a while, everyone needs a little retail therapy. Shopping can be a more rewarding experience when you know you are supporting a local brand that gives back to the community. Many brands choose to donate a percentage towards a cause of their choice to give back to the community that supports them. If you have been looking for ways to spend your money on amazing products and give back to good causes, here is the list for you!


GammbazFounded by a young female entrepreneur, Alia Osman, Gammbaz is a candle company . She creates hand poured soy candles. All of her products are eco-friendly and cruelty free. For the past three years, she donated 10LE to Ahl Masr Foundation. This foundation  treats, prevents, and researches trauma and burn injuries.


Almah brandFounded in 2020, Almah is not like any other than fashion brands. They are a women-lead entity that stands for sustainability, creativety, and community. Their main mission is to fundraise for The Egyptian Clothing Bank, which is why they donate 100% if the profits to it. The organization acquires the materials and either up-cycles them into unique and timeliness designs or left untouched, preserving their value.



Sesh is an Egyptian skin care brand that strives to create high quality products. They focus on care and are committed to wellness. Founded in 2022, they aim to provide safe and effective products that enhance the self-care experience in all things beauty. With the recent events in Gaza, Sesh will donate 5LE to aid in the of the humanitarian crisis and are wholeheartedly dedicated to being part of a collective response to this dire circumstance.


1998 brand
Via 1998

The 1998 Fashion House Team is a clothing brand that transports you to the late 90’s. Founded in 2020 by Menna Marie, she was born in 1998 herself. They are able to mix traditional and modern styles. With the genocide in Gaza, they created a T-shirt in collaboration with a local artist Celine Raffy.  They specifically created for this purpose to fundraise funds for various trusted organisation.

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