Safe Space: Be Your Own Savior

Stop waiting for someone or something to come and save you; Be Your Own Savior! Just like it is easier to place blame on others, it is much easier to wait for others to save us. Just like we think we are not strong enough to bear the consequences of our actions, we think we are not strong enough to pick up the pieces and mend the broken parts. We choose to put our fate in other people’s hands because we do not trust ourselves with it. To let others save us because it is much easier that way, because then all we have to do is wait.  

When we are struggling, we are so exhausted in every single way; mentally, physically and spiritually. We are so drained and empty and we feel like we have nothing left inside of us. All of our energy goes into surviving and there is no more energy or will or power left for us to do anything else, not even save ourselves. So we wait for others to do it for us, but the truth is;  No one can save you but yourself! This is not some cliche motivational phrase, it is the ultimate truth. The only truth. 

The Illusion of a Savior: 

When you meet someone or adopt a specific goal or purpose you start regaining your confidence and strength and so you think that this person or thing saved you. You idolize them/ it. But in reality all those times you thought you’d been saved, you were the one doing the saving.

This person or thing merely showed you what was already there. They helped open your eyes to the infinite power within. They loved you so you realized that you were worthy of love, encouraged you so you realized your strength, comforted you so you realized that you were safe and believed in you, so you did too! All they did, all anyone can ever do is show you that you are worthy and capable of being saved. But the actual saving is on you. Always has been, always will be.

The Savior’s Journey: 

Pulling myself out of a dark place was by far the hardest thing I have ever had to do. It takes every single ounce of strength you can muster and the further you fall, the harder the climb. Unfortunately, it is a bottomless pit but on the bright side, the way upwards is also endless. You can fall so far but you can also rise so high. You can keep falling forever or you can keep rising forever. There is no limit, either way.

Saving yourself is not one single leap but a conscious choice that you must make everyday. You must choose which way you want to go, every single day. Because relapse is always possible, no matter how long it has been. All it takes is a second to slip. To fall back down. But do not let this overwhelm you. It is too much to take in at times and that is why we prefer the cozy and comfortable insides of the dark pit. It is much easier and requires much less work. 

But nothing worth having comes easy. Being alive is a privilege. but feeling alive is nothing short of a miracle. You deserve to be here. You were meant to be here and you are already here so why not make the most out of it. Live your life to the fullest, make use of every breath, enjoy every second, be grateful for every emotion, and cherish every memory. 

You do not need anything or anyone to be saved, to be whole, to be valuable or worthy or enough. All you need is to simply

Decide That You Are <3 

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