Renovating your house is not only for Newly Weds, Here’s A Creative Guide!

There is this notion that once you hit a certain age phase, you surrender to the reality surrounding you. Whether your job, your lifestyle or even your house. Self-motivating speakers always talk about never giving up and it’s never too late. Well, actually, after reaching a certain phase of life you should take care of your house. You’ll en­joy spending most of your time in this zone. It’s your territory now! This doesn’t have to be hectic. These are some super manageable ideas to do!

Living room

 The Core of the house. You can do so much with no extreme renovation. The number one thing to change is the upholstery! Try switching it to the opposite color of the color wheel of the room. That will feel different! Shift the floor treatment. Floor carpeting is a good choice for a cozy am­bience. Add some colors in the curtains. There’s a lot to do, get creative!


 The comfort zone! When it comes to your bedroom if you don’t like change don’t extremely trans­form everything. That could cause some irritation. You could simply renew the flooring, wall paint, change curtains or alter­nate the style of side-lamps. If there is wallpaper you could change it to a different pattern but the same color mood.


 This could be tricky. It could be done from various angles. Total remodeling is surely obvious. But there are alternative options. You could change the kitchen cabi­nets only to a different color or design. Switching the backsplash to a different material, marble is always a great choice. Altering the countertop color, also marble with dark color would be a du­rable choice and adding or trans­forming the type of lighting.


Bringing the whole bathroom down is one thing, but staging it would be a lot lighter. Change the mats to a colorful one. Add a cur­tain to the window. Change the faucet and towel rail to a differ­ ent material or color. Place some plants on the basin or about the toilet seat. If you want more ren­ ovation, you could only change the walls. Change it to a different color, material or mix and match!

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